Last Christmas, my mom got 23andMe as a gift from my dad because I stirred the pot in DNA-phishing and wouldn’t get over my results (thanks Ancestry.com for shading in ALL of n. and s. America, #lazy). Lo’ and behold her results were quite the surprise. My mama is basically half black! When you look at her, it seems pretty obvious however she wasn’t raised by a black daddy (story for another time) so it was news to her that she’s basically a West African Qween. Which makes me a quarter Qween. Which means I can now proudly use #blackgirlmagic and #blackexcellence and not feel like a fraud.

But one of the coolest parts about finding this out is that I can claim Afro-Latina as well. Which is convenient since I’ve been called in for auditions or cast as one a number of times (Call me Marisol!). This past week I was through the roof to discover an Instagram page and website dedicated to celebrating Afro Latinas: @YoSoyAfroLatina

Check It Out

The page features merch, pics, graphics and videos of all things Afro Latina: confidence, sass, attitude. The models are an array of beautiful women of all shades, sizes and hair textures… plus our celebrity muses Aaliyah, J.Lo, Selena, & Cardi add additional inspiration to the feed.

You Need This Merch

A Wakanda mug?

A ‘Mija I’m Busy’ tote?

‘Not a Trend’ tees?


I’ll leave you to revel in the perfection of all this goodness.

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