Mixed Kid Feature: Mel Mehrabian


Networking events in general can be tricky. Personally, in my early college days, I would go to them thinking, “I need to be here because I may meet X person who could lead to Y person and blah blah blah”, but after living in LA for awhile, I learned networking events were not my favorite environment and I would much rather make real friends and trust that I was building relationships that would lead to natural collaborations.

So when a dear friend invited me to a women’s brunch in December, my natural instinct was to cringe just a little but I decided to go because a) free brunch and b) what else did I have going on that Saturday?

Lucky for me, I was able to enjoy the morning and met someone who is literally a gem!


Mel is not only a stunning beauty but she is also one of those people you meet where you immediately think, “Okay, this woman is going to do big and great things.” She carries an energy of confidence that is alluring yet approachable, offering genuine interest in the conversation at hand. We sat by each other and I began sharing my idea for this blog and she was so enthusiastic about the concept, being able to relate as a mixed kid herself. I took her business card with every intention of reaching out to her for real (rather than placing it in a box I clean out once a year) and sure enough, she was 100% down to grab coffee when I hit her up in the new year.


Mel moved to LA from Oklahoma to pursue acting and singing. Coming from a theater background, she offers such a bold presence and appreciation for acting as a vessel to share compelling stories. She has an extremely strong work ethic that often leaves her friends and colleagues surprised how she is able to get everything done in a day. From auditioning to creating content with her production team to performing with her pin up ensemble group, The Satin Dollz, Mel knows how to keep herself busy.

But she isn’t hustling in vain. She works hard because she has big goals and isn’t afraid to go after them with everything she has. She understands the level of commitment it takes to survive in the entertainment business and she rises to the challenge of bettering herself and sharpening her talent to remain ready for any opportunity to come her way.


Mel’s father is Persian and her mother is English/Native American/Welsh so she is no stranger to people questioning her ethnicity. For Mel, she finds her look empowering in that she can take on so many characters with different backgrounds yet at the same time, use her platform to celebrate her uniqueness and family’s culture.  



Mel is part of a production team, Trusette, founded by her good friend Sean Renzetti. Trusette was created by a group of actors who embraced the idea of content creation as a powerful way to not only showcase their talent onscreen but also a way to share the stories that were near and dear to their hearts. Their most recent project, Bang Bang Goes the Gun!, is a fun homage to old Hollywood. Mel stars in the three act mini series as Millie Myers, a young actress whose debut performance is threatened by a negative review and leads to a series of events highlighting the chaotic nature of chasing fame. The series has gone on to win a number of awards in the festival circuit and the team is already planning for other projects in the pipeline.


Mel not only acts and produces but she has written a feature inspired by her relationship with her mother. (I told you, this woman is GOLD). The story follows a young singer who moves to LA to pursue a career yet a major part of her life brings her back to her hometown. Rather than giving up, the lead is determined to find her own way of building a fulfilling life without sacrificing her family or passion for singing. Mel is excited to work on a project where imagination meets reality and thanks her mother for raising her to be such a strong woman who isn’t afraid to own her power. Her goal for 2019 is to find backing for the project and lock in dates to shoot in her home state of Oklahoma.


Mel’s vision for her career is right in front of her - creating stories that are both impactful and entertaining while using her unique voice to make new stories come to life. I’m extremely grateful to have met this kind-hearted lady and cannot wait to see where her talent and drive take her. 🌟💖🎥⚡️

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