Mixed Kid Feature: Kyira Nicoletti


Over my lifetime I’ve had a few occasions of people reaching out to me to say, “Oh my gosh, this girl looks like you!” Typically, I give a polite answer and acknowledge their perspective but I often brush it off as another brown girl with curly hair. No big whoop. However, when I got cast in a project last year and arrived at the table read, one of the other cast members walked in and I immediately had to catch myself from saying out loud, “Oh my gosh. You actually look like me!” The best part of this story… my co-star was 9. 


Kyira is a rad (now) 10yr old actress who I’m grateful to know. She is one of those kids you can tell really takes in everything around her and has such a kind spirit. Her mom, Michelle, is very supportive driving her daughter to LA for auditions while allowing her to maintain a normal childhood in the city of Firebaugh (whaddup Central Valley!). I sat down with Kyira recently to chat about life, how she caught the acting bug and what her favorite hobbies are. 

On the set of  Hard Town  with fellow cast member Karim Diane

On the set of Hard Town with fellow cast member Karim Diane


Most of us who act can pinpoint when we decided acting was “the thing” we wanted to do. Kyira was drawn to acting by one of her favorite shows, Bunk’d on the Disney Channel. Skai Jackson’s character Zuri Ross, really spoke to Kyira and made her interested in pursuing acting in a serious way. She recalls the character as being someone who was different and stood out amongst the bunch. It’s amazing how much influence we gather from strong performances no matter what age we are. Kyira loves that you can take on another person’s life and share what they’re feeling in a way that could help inspire someone who is watching. This girl is a reminder of how beautiful and necessary empathy is for artists (and human beings). 


One of the best discoveries of my interview with Kyira is how she has a heart and inner drive to save the world. When I asked her what her dream role would be, she answered without a doubt, Wonder Woman. And if that isn’t cool enough, she would choose to be a firefighter if she wasn’t acting. Talk about a strong and loving young lady! And I would definitely be on board to act alongside her when she’s Wonder Woman. 



Favorite place: Hawaii 

Dream travel destination: Rome 

Favorite animal: Toby her cat 

Hobbies: Hanging out with friends, riding her bike, reading

Mixed roots: Black, Italian, Tongan, White


Kyira is definitely one to keep on your radar as she continues to grow as an actress. I’m personally on a mission to find a project where we can play sisters - we have a head start in a short film where she makes a brief appearance, but I know someday we’ll do a film together.  She gave a beautiful performance in the film Hard Town which is currently in post-production and can be seen in the TV series Well-Behaved