Ladies Who Make Lingerie: Valentine's Day Special

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and to celebrate the day of love, I would like to feature some boss babes who create pretty underthings that range from sexy to sweet. No matter what your relationship status is, be a gem and buy something that makes you feel hot. Take a photo, print it and save it to show your younger self someday. You won’t regret it.

I’m definitely a fan of Victoria’s Secret even though their beauty standards are hard to live up to (Bella Hadid is an alien, God bless her), but these designers and brands are all made by entrepreneurs who seem like really cool women who want to offer a more personal experience for their customers. No, I’m not getting free shit from any of these brands… this is simply based on my genuine appreciation for satin and lace. You have two weeks to pick out something… Get on it 💋

Sex it Up

Saxage X Fenty

Fenty is the obvi go-to if you want to feel like literal sex. Badgal RiRi (my personal fave) has changed the game of lingerie with items that make you feel like you fell out of one of her music videos and there are a group of buff, oiled up men who are ready to carry you down an aisle of diamonds. Things are selling out quick, so don’t hesitate to buy a fun number (or two, it’s super affordable!) before V nasty day.

IG: @savagexfenty

Classic Beauty


I am obsessed with this brand’s aesthetic. It’s feminine and chic, simple and clean. Designer Anine Bing is a mixed mama (Danish/Brazilian) who is all about quality and making pieces that are easy to wear and make you feel really comfortable and cool. The lace bras and bralettes are absolutely gorgeous so make sure whoever takes them off, is extra careful ;)

IG: @aninebingofficial

So Much Spice


If you’re in some new fun thing with someone where it’s a big mystery on whether it’s too soon to buy each other gifts OR if you and your longtime partner just know how to have a good time, this is the place for you! Cosabella is founded by a couple, Valeria and Ugo Campello, who are still married and continue to design and run the business together in Italy. Talk about #ultimategoals. They have so many fun, flirty pieces that I wish I had a boo thang to show these off to. Who knows… I got two weeks to make it happen, right?! Anyway, have fun with these!

IG: @shopcosabella

Chill AF Vibes


This brand’s motto is based on what they believe make women sexy today: smart, healthy, active and outgoing. If this is your vibe and you’re not one to get all fancy, check out their pieces that look absolutely comfortable and cool. They have a metallic bralette that’s just enough shine for the holiday whether you’re staying in with someone special or going out dancing with the girls.

IG: @wearelively  

Luxe Mom

TyLynn Nguyen

You obviously don’t have to be a mom to wear this brand, but the designer is a badass mother of three, former model and has the most gorgeous skin and face. I attribute her flawlessness to being literally the world: Dutch, German, Swiss, Cherokee Indian, and black. (note: her husband is Vietnamese so her babies are the cutest mixed kids ever). TyLynn represents the type of woman I want to be in 5-10 years. Poised, refined and luxe. Okay maybe it will take me more like 15 years to get there, but she’s an inspiration.

IG: @TyLynnNguyen

French. Period.

Simone Pérèle

The lady who is the behind the brand is a Madame, so obviously the pieces are of the utmost quality. Simone Pérèle was a corset maker and started her own company in 1948 because she wanted to design lingerie that embraced the natural shape of a woman’s body. If you want to go all out beauty and class this Valentine’s Day, then buy a corset and feel really good about it.

IG: @simonepereleofficial