About MK& CO

All my life I’ve been asked the oh-so-interesting question: “What are you?” It’s interesting to me because I wonder if and how people would treat me or perceive me differently simply based on my response. Does it actually matter what my ethnicity is? Many people might think ‘yes’ but I’m challenging the idea that it does.

This blog is meant to explore and explain people and things in the world from someone who is multi-ethnic and has loose ties to any specific race. I self-identify first, as a human being. Then, as a woman of color. Then, as an American (God help us all). If it makes you feel better to know, I am also Mexican, Jewish-Polish, African-American, Native-American, and gypsy (most likely Roma). But I only speak English and grew up in a Swedish-themed farm town so I can’t tell you much about one of the above.

I love reading and learning about culture, fashion and entertainment so I am choosing to share what I learn with the world because I’m a modern-millennial-who-needs-to-constantly-be-creating-content. But in all seriousness, I am excited to write, speak and share how I view the world and learn how others of all backgrounds shape their world too.

This is a space for ALL SHADES, including white folk. That’s why it is called MixedKids & Co. People of color and those who love us too.

Peace and love,